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Storytelling. Healing. Truth 



Alys Ffion emerges triumphant after overcoming a challenging hiatus from her artistic pursuits.

The resilient songstress returns to the musical landscape as an independent artist for the first time in her career, ready to share her empowering story and poignant songwriting with a richness like never before.

Her debut body of work (produced by Jason Bovino of “Sheppard”), due for release late 2024, is a concept album that courageously details her experience of processing and overcoming trauma. The vulnerable, opening single "Alys" explores the idea of having a heart-wrenching yet healing conversation with her younger self, setting the tone for what's to come.

Passionate about helping other artists to sing their truths too, Alys is celebrating success as a co-writer for other artists - penning radio hits and award winning songs for Taylor Moss, Jimmy Barnes, Andrew Swift, Nathan Cavaleri and more.

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