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Alys Ffion is once-in-a-generation songwriter born to bring stories to life.

The Australian songstress is no stranger to the stage or spotlight. In her teenage years she toured with and opened shows for iconic names such as Tina Arena, Missy Higgns, Diesel and Reece Mastin, setting the stage for a promising career. Signing a USA-based publishing and record deal at 18, Ffion relocated to Nashville to hone her songwriting craft in the vibrant heart of the music industry.


In November 2018, Alys returned from Nashville for a much-needed mental health break and therapy, while continuing to write therapeutic music. By December 2019, Ffion discovered her identity had been used in a fraudulent scheme, where two Australians falsely claimed to be financing her career and obtained $900,000. This betrayal added complexity to Ffion's mental health journey, further extending her career pause.


Until now. 


Now as a self-funded, independent artist, Ffion is ready to share her uncensored story and tackle big topics with a richness like never before.

Recent single release, "Alys", is a heart-wrenching yet empowering conversation with her teenage self. The vulnerable track is part of her highly anticipated debut album, set to release in 2024. 


The body of work (in collaboration with aria award winning Jason Bovino of "Sheppard") features all of her trademarks - deeply personal approach to writing lyrics, unique sense of melody and intricate knowledge of alternate guitar tunings.

Ffion's new era of artistry takes us through her personal journey of transformation - reminding us that while healing may not always be linear, hope and truth always prevails. 


Despite the challenges of navigating the complexities of life and womanhood in the music industry, Ffion continues to rise above.

The last three years witnessed her charting radio hits and a plethora of award nominations as a co-writer on songs for rising Country artist Taylor Moss alongside exciting cuts with Aussie music royalty Jimmy Barnes, Nathan Cavaleri, Andrew Swift and more. 


Residing in her hometown on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, after a necessary hiatus from releasing as an artist in her own right, the new mother is ready to step back into the spotlight. 

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